Education Sector

A solid ally to learn the best way to grow.

Currently, the education sector has a major transformation given that exist a growth of the private offering, coming along with various financing schemes and greater customer orientation that manifests in several after-sales services to the student community.

Therefore, more and more participants from the private education sector are aware of the desirability of having a strategic partner specializing in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), because it allows them to focus on central processes such as research, teaching, linking institutions, among others.

In Muñoz Corporativo we have the most solid platform of human talent, infrastructure and technology to attend, in a personal and immediate way, projects such as:

  • Integral collection: school services and educational funding.
  • Customer service: information services for the student community.
  • Telemarketing: promotion of educational services.
  • Technical support: support to e-learning platforms and virtual colleges.
  • Direct mailing: production and sending of account statements, payment reminders, greetings, etc.


All industries are invited and welcomed!