Financial Sector

A solid ally to overcome global challenges.

Currently, the financial sector (global and local) demand a greater emphasis on timely and personalized attention to the needs of their users in order to ensure the achievement of objectives.

Therefore, we offer you our experience of more than 20 years serving in a personal way the integral collection, customer care, telemarketing, technical support and direct mailing; we have the most solid platform of human resource, infrastructure and technology available at market.

Our Experience:.

We have a deep knowledge and experience attending users in the following services:

  • Mortgage products.
  • Credit card (revolving credit).
  • Personal loans.
  • Consumer loans.
  • Secured loans.
  • Placing of credits.

Financial sector entities that we can address:

  • Commercial banking.
  • Investment companies.
  • Leasing
  • Sofoles
  • Credit Unions
  • Thrift Societies
  • Surety
  • Insurance


All industries are invited and welcomed!