Time To Market

Why Time to Market?

Originally, it was a concept to refer to the time taken for placement of a product, from conception until it is brought to market. In Muñoz Corporativo we think of time to market as a service-oriented philosophy, achieving the best times from project conception to its implementation.

Therefore, from the senior management of Muñoz Corporativo, we share the following philosophy:

  • When we acquired infrastructure we are actually gaining time, which we make available to our customers.
  • When we pay for the work of our employees, we are actually paying for their readiness to act fast, within the framework of the demands of our customers.
  • When we build our call centers, in fact we designed spaces to flow with the same speed that our client’s needs emerge.
  • When we develop a system, we are actually recovering and adding vital seconds to reach goals within the established program.

Why Time to Market in Muñoz Corporativo is a real advantage?

  • With 20 years in the market, we know that this is a time-based business, where the range of targets attached to a well defined program is the key to competitiveness.
  • In integral collection projects it is critical that negotiations start on time in order to allow users to make payment within the limits of their credit, without generating more interest. We accomplish this through our ability to implement projects up to 24 hours in advance, by executing our processes supported by personal service, systems and specialized technologies.
  • In telemarketing, customer service and support the immediate implementation of a project in industries driven by innovation and speed of response (response time) is the last step to put a product in the market place, generate high satisfaction levels and ensure continuity of service provided to consumers.
  • In direct mail projects, timely production and delivery of all types of bulk mail is vital to preserve the validity of the message. We are able to implement projects directly up to 48hrs.


All industries are invited and welcomed!