Mass Personalization

Why Mass Personalization?

The personalization of communications arising from the business processes of large companies and institutions goes beyond printing the name of a user in a letter or its pronunciation by telephone.

Mass customization means having the expertise to design, manage and sustain formalized processes through specialized staff, with the more solid infrastructure, technology and machinery, which results in smart and sharp negotiations through various means and formats, that consistently lead to the following results:

  • Massive introduction of new products and services
  • Goal achievement in mass projects of past due debt collection / pre-legal debt collection, customer service, telemarketing, technical support and direct mailing.
  • Automation of key processes in value creation and, above all.
  • Obtaining and retaining of those clients more valuable in the market.

Why mass customization is a real advantage in Muñoz Corporativo?

  • We have our own systems and information technology staff, which gives us the flexibility to develop, implement and operate, at all times, all sorts of custom made systems and apps (even from third parties), for mass customization of our client's corporate communications, using their databases.
  • We have five call centers that bring together more than 2300 positions with the ability to process a mass of 522.240 effective contacts per day.
  • In our headquarters, we own specialized machinery for the production of all types of personalized communications in printed format, with the ability to address a mass production of about 19.200 printed per hour and 16.000 direct mail letters per hour, folded, inserted into envelopes and completely franked.
  • We have the widest coverage for personal care home (door-to-door operations) in all of Mexico, covering 37 strategic locations in major cities; with hundreds of visitors conformed by specialists trained internally, with the possibility of immediately increase their number according to the specific needs of our customers.
  • Internally, we have the best expertise and equipment, and the more robust technologies to design and send, limitless, all kinds of communications in electronic form, whether reminders, SMS's or e-mails.


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