Delivery Performance


Why Delivery Performance?

Our promptness to implement projects and our ability to mass customization is complemented by our outstanding performance to do massive deliveries without geographical limitations within Mexican territory at the convenient dates for our customers and their users.

This is mainly reflected in our homecare direct mail operations, which provides our clients the following benefits:

  • Timely delivery of all types of shipments and notifications
  • Programming and accurate in delivery and home visits
  • Daily productivity increased of our visitors
  • High security of information on the use of capture systems online

Why in Muñoz Corporativo Delivery Performance is a real advantage?

  • Our manufacturing operations of all kinds of print and shipments are concentrated in our Direct Mail Central, a facility solely devoted for the purpose of optimizing production.
  • Our Systems Department is capable of cleaning and loading databases of our customers to process accurately and immediately order and delivery data of all mail and direct sending.
  • We have MCWare Mobile, a wireless application that enables two-way connectivity between our headquarters and home visitors, allowing nationwide set points... Up to four times a day!
  • Our system has geographic intelligence, which gives us access to digital maps to optimize the operations in the streets.
  • Our department of information technology provides us with the telecommunications infrastructure to integrate our staff of door-to-door agents, nationally distributed by our core operations.
  • Our Home Care staff has a presence in 37 offices located throughout the Mexican Republic to make delivery of all types of notifications for projects of past-due portffolio recovery.
  • We have full integration of home operations, thanks to our five call centers with a total of 2300+ positions to follow, through 01800, doubts and comments from users served.


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