Insourced Multichannel Contact

Why Insourced Multichannel Contact?

Currently, Business Process Outsourcing of large corporations and institutions requires the integration of various means of contact with customers and users (nationally and globally distributed) demanding a wide range of services that require human skills, infrastructure and specialized technology.

In order to fully meet these demands, Muñoz Corporativo offers his over 20 years experience integrating and improving the synergy between the following contact channels:

  • Call center
  • Home Care
  • Direct Mail Central
  • Automated contact system: reminders, SMS's and email.


As a result of this integration under one corporate support, we can provide our customers the following benefits:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement process.
  • Generation and transmission of knowledge.
  • Flexibility and operational self-sufficiency..
  • Speed of response in projects that require rapid solutions.
  • Quality.
  • Security.

Why Insourced Multichannel Contact is a real advantage in Muñoz Corporativo?

  • Since 2007 to date we have implemented an aggressive strategy of organic growth, position that led us to the construction of our headquarters: 4 Call Center’s floors housing more than 900 positions.
  • Construction and expansion of our facilities in the operational centers Torres, Kappa, Coral and Aguascalientes. Building of our Direct Mail Central, with machinery, technology and systems to support mass production.
  • Building of our headquarters for home care operations, expanding our coverage with our own offices in 37 cities of Mexico.
  • Acquisition of technology infrastructure for mass production and sending of reminders, SMS's and emails, which has given us the necessary expertise through the training of specialized personnel.
  • The most obvious benefit is our flexibility and self-reliance to develop and implement, with the highest quality and speed, projects of integral collection (pre-judicial collection, judicial collection, and fiscal collection), customer service, telemarketing, technical support and direct mail.


All industries are invited and welcomed!