Integrated Value Chain


Why Integrated Value Chain?

A common practice in many Contact Centers on a smaller scale is to outsource critical activities such as procurement and human resources training, development and implementation of systems management accounts, expansion of territorial coverage through alliances with third parties, etc.

However, business process outsourcing demands a big value chain to integrate under one roof the main activities and resources for the generation of genuine competitive advantages.

Through a disciplined financial management and a vertical integration strategy, in Muñoz Corporativo we have integrated the value chain of our main strategic business units:

  • Integral collection (pre-judicial, judicial and fiscal)
  • Integral care (customer service, telemarketing and technical support)
  • Direct Mail

Why Integrated Value Chain is a real advantage in Muñoz Corporativo?

  • We have our own network of real estate management to achieve the immediate expansion of our operations in the best locations.
  • We have our own HR outsourcing to integrate massive human teams qualified for different types of projects.
  • We have a department to develop our own solutions (CRM's, ERP's, Apps, Databases, etc.), and implementation of third party solutions (Inffinix, Cyber, etc).
  • We have the ability to use our learning to create our own training courses: to date we offer over 30 educational courses.
  • Our needs for mass production of printed and enveloping is covered with infrastructure and personnel.


As a result of our strategy of vertical integration we generate to our customers the following benefits:

  • Scale economies
  • More added value
  • The best response rate
  • Uniform quality in operations that integrate various skills.


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