Our Values

Client Service
Continuous Improvement & Integrated Teams
Responsibility & Loyalty
Integrity, Honesty &Respect

Our Mission

Provide our clients the administration and recovery of past due portfolios and customer care services via telephone, using cutting-edge technology along with the participation of our human talent under the framework of respect and professional ethics, offering efficient and cost effective services, focused on achieving the goals and establishing long-term relationships.

Our Vision

To be the company at the forefront nationally in the administration and recovery of past due portfolios and customer care via telephone as well as telemarketing.

Quality Policy

Muñoz has the human talent, the cutting-edge technology and suitable facilities focused on satisfying the needs of our clients in the administration and recovery of past due portfolios and customer care.

Fulfilling the legal requirements and achieving the goals through the continuing improvement of the effectiveness of our quality management system is essential.

Information Security Policy

Muñoz in its vision to be the company at the forefront nationally in the administration and recovery of past due portfolios and customer care via telephone, has decided to implement a management security system based on the analysis and treatment of risks, such as those established in the UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2007 norms and this way guarantee to its clients the trust in realizing in a secure and legal way in our processes. For this reason the management is committed to watch over the appropriate implementation, certification and maintenance of the system for achieving the continuing improvements of its management information security.

From our birth in 1990, our visual identity has been backed up by our founders last name, to communicate to the market the existence of a personalized management, focused on values. We have constantly placed emfasis on the importance of attending to the great brandnames, corporations and institutions, as well as the people that reach out to us to satisfy their needs, in a cooperative environment, sharing knowledge and oportunities to create prosperity.
Faced with the challenges of a globalized world, today more than ever we are different because we are a person and a corporation. We Muñoz Corporate, and we have taken another step in the evolution of our identity, our name whose flag allow our solid progress through the new challenges posed by the Business Process Outsourcing in the areas of Integral Collection, Customer Service , Telemarketing, Technical Support and Direct Mail, positioning ourselves as the most Solid Contact Center in Mexico, after 20 years of effort.

Q-20 Years of History

2009 - 2010

We keep Growing.

2010: Call Center "Kappa" (facilities of our own). In 2011, this building receive the past-due recovery operations concentrated in the current Kappa Center.
2010: Call Center "Aguascalientes." The operation growth of tech support and customer care led to the creation of a floor in order to attend the demand for services.
2010: Muñoz C. y Asociados, S.A. de C.V. launches brand: Muñoz Corporativo, in order to incorporate under a strategic alignment its broad mix of specialized services covering: Integral Collection, Customer Service, Telemarketing, Technical Support and Direct Mail.
2010: In September, Muñoz Corporativo achieved again Certification ISO 9001:2008 with AENOR MEXICO, and in October 2010 his infrastructure personal achieved certification in ITIL V3 Foundations.
2007 - 2009

Solid Growth.

At the height of the call/contact center services in Mexico, and with an experience that gives it an advantage of 17 years compared to national and foreign participants in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, Muñoz Corporativo begins in 2007 with the construction and commissioning of various call centers designed to attend the changing demands of its customers:
2007: Call Center “Torres”, located in the strategic city of León, Guanajuato, specially designed to attend Telemarketing campaigns.
2007: Corporate Offices “Delta”. The need for growth led to the construction of corporate offices in the same city, chosen for its proximity to Mexico City and the buoyant economic activity in the region. It has three full floors for collection campaigns and customer service campaigns, and an entire floor for printing operations and mass enveloping, which forms the most solid Direct Mail service in the central region of the country.
2008: Call Center "Kappa", dedicated to past-due portfolio recovery campaigns.
2009: Successful conclusion of construction of corporate Headquarters "Delta", with the immediate transfer of the operations previously focused on "Coral".
2009: Call Center "Aguascalientes", specially designed to attend technical support campaigns through professional staff and advanced infrastructure to provide those needs of clients with nationwide operations (regional or global).
1998 - 2007

Nationwide solidity.

Derived from the experience of Muñoz Corporativo as a collection outsourcing, in 1998 was hired by the highest Mexican government agency specialized in mortgage loans, in order to make the management of its nationwide low arrears portfolio. Since then, Muñoz Corporativo has managed to be one of the few contact centers in Mexico with offices in virtually every state of Mexico (currently, 37 for the home care service).
1996 - 1998

Certified solidity.

Along with the second half of the 90's came the opening of the Mexican economy to global competition in telecommunications and banking, which allowed new entrants to the industry of call centers specialized in telemarketing and customer service. Within this context, in 1996 the corporate name changed: Muñoz C. y Asociados S.A. de C.V., and we achieved our first ISO 9000 certification, currently maintained by AENOR Mexico.
1994 - 1996

Foolproof solidity.

The challenges faced by the economy of Mexico in the 90's were seen by Muñoz Corporativo as an opportunity to respond in a professional and massive manner to one of the most important business needs of the moment: the past-due portfolio recovery in banking, mortgage, automotive and consumer products. This led to one of the most important decisions in the evolution of Muñoz Corporativo, because complemented the portfolio of back office services with front office services, attending through the "Coral" Call Center external processes such as: Debt collection management, Pre-law debt collection, Judicial collection, and Commercial credit research. The concept of Integral Collection was born. This step opens the possibility of build the most solid combination of human talent, infrastructure and technology, serving the business processes of large companies and government institutions.
1990 - 1994

Laying the Solidity.

Muñoz Corporativo started operations under the corporate name Muñoz, Chavez y Asociados, S.A. de C.V., providing advice to companies under the modality of back office outsourcing, following internal processes such as: Accounting, Finance and Fiscal. The basis of this company was established since then: a leadership oriented to long-term relationships with customers and users in an environment of unconditional cooperation.