Phone Bill Debt Collection

Time,Scope and Cost.

When looking for the best balance in time, scope and cost of the solution collection Corporate Muñoz, is the most solid choice for portfolio recovery out of court.

The telephone collection is the most strengthened service offered by the company, due to the high specialization achieved by staff training, coupled with our modern infrastructure and implemented systems, which are the most updated and specialized to generate optimal results service.


Our Advantages



  • 30 Training Courses
  • Over 20 Portfolio Coordinators
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Founding member APCOB


  • Predictive Dialing
  • CTI / PBX / IVR / ACD
  • Call Recording 100%
  • System Noise
  • MCware:Management System


  • Four Operational Centers
  • 522,240 Effective Contacts Per Day
  • Over 2300 positions
  • Call Center Executive Level
  • Auditorium and Classrooms


Meet Our Model.

20 years of experience in Collection PDL, are reflected in our operating model, made by various processes that ensure the achievement of ambitious goals. Some of them are:


Recovery Needs Detection

An analysis to define goals, strategies, training, performance and telephon collection quality.

Automated Processing.

Cleaning, mold and feed of the customer database, in order to produce campaigns.


When a telephone collection operation begins, we succeed in 24 hours.

Quality Management

The quality of management is constantly monitored and evaluated.

Strategy’s Validity

Knowledge generated from Business Intelligence to enhance the strategy redesign.

Total Reporting

Aims, achievements and opportunities are timely communicated to our clients..