Door to Door

Verification and

Personal Negotiation

Within our comprehensive service strategy,the pre-judicial collection through home visits,offers the widest opportunities for verification and personal negotiation with debtors.

To do so, we have in Mexico 30 offices linked via WAN network and through our MCware Mobile System, así como con nuestro sistema MCware Mobile, which guarantees the security of information like never before.


Door-to-door debt collection advantages.



  • Staff for routing, monitoring and supervision in each branch.
  • Formal administrative structure.
  • Visitors trained.
  • 20 years experience.


  • MCware Mobile.
  • Web monitoring and GPS Location.
  • Online registration via Internet.
  • Online images sending.
  • MCware: Sistema de Gestión.


  • 30 offices in Mexico.
  • The greater coverage.
  • Daily allowance ability.
  • Systems development for door-to-door debt collection.


You get to know our

door-to-door debt collection model

Recovery of PDL by Door to Doord, is more than knock on a door, required resources, capabilities and specialized processes. In Muñoz Corporate, include the following:


Nationwide Branches Network

 37 own branches with its formalized administrative structure.

Real-Time Door-to-Door Management

 PTP communication platform for each home visitor.

MCware Mobile

 Home visits capture application with the highest information security.

Recovery Needs Detection

An analysis to define goals, strategies, training, performance and door-to-door collection quality.

Quality Management

 The quality of management is constantly monitored and evaluated.


 Training program with common core and specialized courses for each product.