Direct Mail

Capacity, Speed

and Quality

Shipping direct postal notification to the debtor's domicile, as part of our comprehensive strategy Extrajudicial Collection for strong Portfolio Recovery.

On-time delivery and document quality are key factors why we have specialized staff and equipment, carrying out mass extensive campaigns


Our Advantages



  • The strategy is headed by a coordinator for each portfolio.
  • Operating 24 hours.
  • Trained technical staff.
  • Production Analysis and MIS.


  • Pitney Bowes equipment with industrial capacity.
  • Printer ODDAV5: 320 printed / minute.
  • Self-enveloping machine


  • Specialized installation.
  • SEPOMEX Partnership for national distribution and delivery.
  • Printability, enveloping and massive postage.


Meet Our

Model of Direct Mail

Our ability to develop, manufacture and commissioning of massive direct mail campaigns, builds upon an operating model that, among others, has the following attributes:


Recovery Needs Detection

 An analysis to define goals, strategies, training, performance and direct mail debt collection quality.

Automated Processing

 Cleaning, mold and feed of the customer database, in order to produce campaigns.

Mass printing and enveloping

16,000 letters an hour, ready for shipment.

Direct Mail Central

 Unique in its kind, has capacity to industrial development and production of letters.

Strategy’s Validity

 Knowledge generated from Business Intelligence to enhance the strategy redesign.

Total Reporting

 Aims, achievements and opportunities are timely communicated to our clients.