SMS and Reminders Debt Collection

Via Reminders Debt Collection

The pre-judicial collection via reminders may be the appropriate alternative to achieve mass recovery with the best quality, scope and time.

The reminders are personalized voice messages telephonically broadcasted to your debtors in order to make them aware of potential debt.



Via SMS's Debt Collection

By having our own SMS infrastructure, we ensure the highest levels of quality and safety.

The debt collection is a matter of time and convenience, so the mobile phone short messages (SMS) are a rapidly growing alternative, because they ensure contact with the debtor at any place and time to start an early pre-judicial negotiation process.


Our Advantages



  • Tailored to each portfolio.
  • Staff trained for speed dialing.
  • Developed In House


  • Own infrastructure.
  • Expandability according to customer needs.
  • Two centers, production and shipping.


  • Equipment prerecorded messages
  • Capacity converting text to audio (text to speech)
  • 360 calls per minute and 180,000 messages per month
  • Call Center Executive Level
  • Compatible with all cell phone companies.

Meet Our

Model of Reminders and SMS.

Backed by our main resources and processes. Some of them are:


Recovery Needs Detection

An analysis to define goals, strategies, training, performance and reminders quality.

Automated Processing

Cleaning, mold and feed of the customer database, in order to produce campaigns.

Automated Personalization

From the customer database, mass reminders are personalized.

Quality Management

The quality of management is constantly monitored and evaluated.

Strategy’s Validity

Knowledge generated from Business Intelligence to enhance the strategy redesign.

Total Reporting

Aims, achievements and opportunities are timely communicated to our clients.