Integral Collection

Extrajudicial Debt Collections

With over 20 years of experience realizing different kinds of negotiations, debt collections has converted into the most complete service we offer in Corporativo Muñoz.

Throughout our long trajectory we have developed different techniques and a strengthened collection structure. Which allows us to be, here and now, one of the best providers of said service.

We offer a complete service, with the purpose of establishing excellent communication and interest with the debtor, contacting them through diverse channels:


Telephone :Obtaining 400,000 contacts by means of telephone daily.


Door to door: Achieving daily near 75,000 effective visits.


Direct Mail: 120,000 mass notifications daily.


Reminders y SMS: Telephone voice messages and text messages through SMS, a fast and effective alternative to massive recovery.


E-mailing: We take this opportunity to reach more than 32 million Mexicans through Internet.


We have 33 self-owned offices all over Mexico, where we guarantee information security like never before. At present we are the company that offers the largest national coverage.


Judicial Debt Collection.

16 years offering a specialized service.

Our integral debt collections concept covers the complete cycle of converting a debt into a solution, for which for over 16 years we offer a specialized judicial debt collection service.

We have a legal department formed by professionals dedicated to the immediate recovery of documents or credits in the courts or corresponding authorities.


Fiscal Debt

National Attention

We have the capacity to implement national fiscal procedures, attached to the provisions of the Fiscal Code of the Federation:

  • Notification Personal the Fiscal Credit.
  • Administrative Procedure Execution.
  • Negotiations intervention.



Advantages That We Offer


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