Getting Started Support

Support and

Professional Attention

A professional and effective service created for software companies, hardware, telecommunications goods and services, and consumer electronics.

The Getting Started Support, to provide its users, via telephone, basic advice for starting, primarily covering:


  • Advice for installation.
  • Support for assistance (How-to).
  • Advice on use of the product.
  • Attention to manufacturing defects.
  • Response to key questions of technical support.
  • Advice to unexpected behavior..
  • Solving simple requests.

Our Advantages



  • Consultants with engineering college-level.
  • Experience in incident detection and management.
  • Specialized training.


  • In-house systems development in accordance with each project.
  • Ability to migrate client applications.


  • Multiple contact channels: call center, chat, domiciliary, direct mail and e-mail.
  • 5 operational centers.
  • More than 2300 positions.