Level 1 Support

Operation and Stable Service

The continuity of the operation and stable service, are critical to sustaining competitiveness of business and consumer loyalty attributes. A service for both corporate users, and end consumers.


Therefore, Corporate Muñoz offers to market an integral Level 1 Technical Support, satisfying through various means of contact available on our infrastructure the need for resolution of issues that face users from different profiles and levels, regardless of whether its location is a national or international.

As a result, users will experience a service backed by world-class engineering, achieving maximum productivity and meeting your operational requirements.

Our Advantages



  • Consultants with engineering college-level.
  • Experience in incident detection and management.
  • Specialized training.


  • In-house systems development in accordance with each project.
  • Ability to migrate client applications.


  • Multiple contact channels: call center, chat, domiciliary, direct mail and e-mail.
  • 5 operational centers.
  • More than 2300 positions.