Collection and Processing of Large Amount of Data.

The rapid and unpredictable way to transform preferences, opinions and beliefs of mass publics.


This process requires the collection and processing of large masses of data to generate reliable information timely delivered and usable to empower decision making at corporate, institutional and political levels..

Given this scenario, the outbound team of Muñoz Corporativo stands as the most expert in all of Mexico to plan and manage projects such as:

  • Policies surveys: pre-election and intention to vote.
  • Public opinion survey.
  • Service satisfaction surveys.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys.
  • Audience surveys (mass media).

Our Advantages



  • Staff trained in survey methods and techniques.
  • Experience in geographically wide spread projects.
  • Immediate implementation.


  • Custom CRM's development according to the needs of each project.
  • Predictive dialing.
  • CTI / PBX / IVR / ACD.


  • Direct management with the client through dedicated links.
  • 5 Operational centers.
  • More than 2300 positions.
  • Reporting processes 24 x 365.