Database Validation

Current and Reliable


A successful Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), begins with the ability to have current and reliable information from large customer bases.

We put at the service of large companies and public institutions our call center, designed for geographic long-range massive operations, in order to attend projects such as:


  • Validation of credit references: This service, oriented to financial service providers, offers the possibility of validating credit references of large numbers of users distributed nationally and internationally.

  • Validation of personal and demographic data: This service, aimed at large enterprises and public institutions, provides the ability to update and expand, quickly and massively, records and fields in your databases in order to respond to your business needs.

Our Advantages



  • Institutional projects.
  • Multiprofile projects.
  • Public attention project.


  • Terminals with applications suite for managing.
  • Ability to implement customer applications.
  • Custom CRM's development.


  • Direct management with the client through dedicated links.
  • 5 Operational centers.
  • More than 2300 positions.
  • Reporting processes 24 x 365.