Welcome Call

A Satisfactory Experience

for your customers

Fundamental part of our work is to provide the attention it deserves its customers with friendliness and efficiency.


We made Welcome Calls adhering to the script defined strategy and your company, and always seeking direct contact with the owner. We update all information in the database, so you have all the data needed to properly manage the portfolio.

Other Services

  • 01 800 Services.
  • Confirmation of events.
  • Addressing concerns, complaints and suggestions.
  • Account statements information.
  • Data capture.
  • Emergency telephone.
  • Loyalty programs.

Our Advantages



  • Institutional projects.
  • Multiprofile projects.
  • Public attention projects.


  • Terminals with applications suite for managing.
  • Ability to implement customer applications.
  • Custom CRM's development.


  • Direct management with the client through dedicated links.
  • 5 Operational centers.
  • More than 2300 positions.
  • Reporting processes 24 x 365.