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Customer Service


Take advantage of our experience serving millions of users of the Government, Financial and Telecommunications industry

Integral Collection


For over 20 years, all industries have benefited from our specialized recovery of overdue service.



We have extensive experience in sales of products and services, always providing quality care that enables the generation of new captive customers.
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with Muñoz Corporation


For more than 20 years, we have been perfecting a model of individual thinking that takes into account that advantages do not have to be competitive, but rather cooperative. Since advantages are not achieved by confronting the competitor if not by cooperating with the client, for obtaining the solid satisfaction of the client’s needs.

Today more than ever, the strength of a brand, is on the strength of a relationship. Take advantage of it.
Discover now, an innovative way to understand customer relationships, in which each charge, every sale, each query, and even every single greeting, becomes an opportunity to view and solidly satisfy their needs, desires, dreams ...

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Corporate executive design, created from the ground up as the most complete contact center, incorporating world class practices for unsurpassed performance.


Know this center, designed for projects Collection Extrajudicial, Technical Support, Customer Service and more.